At the wheel of an extraordinary adventure

Itineraries with Jeep Wrangler 4x4 model 2017 to discover in full freedom and safety the best of Baja California and Costa Rica.


Our original SelfDrive travel kit includes:


  • Personalized itinerary;

  • Hotel reservations at selected hotels with a range of unforgettable boat excursions  and fun outdoor activities;

  • A Jeep car up to 4 participants chartered at a special price, with total insurance coverage (Chevrolet Suburban for 5 to 8 passengers);

  • A pre-programmed GPS with all planned destinations, hotel accommodations, scenic spots not to be missed along the way, the most beautiful beaches, the starting points of excursions, the most secret places we want to share with you;

  • A detailed roadbook with a description of each stage, map and type of route, suggested starting times, estimated driving times, suggested stops along the way, fuel consumption, estimated driving time, stations of recommended refueling;

  • A mobile phone with initial credit to call hotels and restaurants and be always in line with us for any 24h 24h requirement with our "Bajaescape Concierge" service;

  • An illustrated guide edited by Bajaescape of over 100 pages in color;

  • A tourist road map of Baja California (or Costa Rica) edited by the National Geographic Society;

  • A handy travel kit including an electric adapter, a microfibre cloth for cleaning lens andcameras, wet wipes, first aid kit;

  • A list of restaurants we selected to savor the best of local cuisine at the right price.



* For 5, 6, 7 or 8 participants the car will be a Chevrolet Suburban model 2017

our travel kit

an off road track 

Bajaescape uses Jeep® Wrangler 2017