Wonderful Baja California

Baja California boasts 5 sites of UNESCO World Heritage, 9 Biosphere reserves, the world's largest collection of millenary rock paintings and the only coral reef in the North Pacific. It is the sixth region in the world for biodiversity thanks to the thousands of species inhabiting it, many of which endemic.


It is also the only place in the world where it is possible relate with whales, sea lions and orcas.


Come and discover Baja with us.

general information

The Mexican Peninsula of Baja California is 1200 km long and consists of two distinct federal states: Baja California and Baja California Sur, where most of the natural beauty of the peninsula is concentrated. Both are accessible all year round, without need for visa or preventive compulsory vaccinations. Comfortable domestic flights of approximately 2 hours connect San Jose del Cabo Airport (SJD) and La Paz (LAP) to Mexico City. From here, several intercontinental flights connect Mexico to Europe. International flight from Los Cabos directly to the Staes or to Canada are also scheduled.


The tropic of Cancer crosses the peninsula: on June 21 the Sun is at his zenith here. The environment is desertic, the climate is very dry, rainfall is almost absent, sunny days are about 350 per year, temperatures vary between 22 degrees in winter and 36 in summer with a strong thermal excursion after the Sunset, the water of the Cortez Sea in August reaches 31 degrees!


Baja California has a time zone of -7 hours compared to London, local currency is Mexican Peso (mxn). The official language is Spanish, but English is abundantly widespread.


Over 30% of its territory has not yet been explored.


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