A great passion 

The team of Bajaescape was formed by a small group of Italian naturalists and biologists permanently resident in Baja California assisted by experts in the tourism industry who directly deals with the study, organization, logistics and leading, when required, of small groups of travelers.


Our deep and passionate knowledge of the territory and the attention for details allow us to offer to international Tour Operators and individual travelers quality tools to discover the best of Baja California in the best way. Amazing itineraries in comfortable 4x4 vehicles, private whale watching, hiking and mule treks, kayak trips, special access permits into protected areas, exclusive tours guarantee a unique and complete travel experience, in close contact with the wild nature of Baja.


Professioanlly focusing on the traveler's safety and comfort and customizing each trip to satisfy specific interests and

expectations of each guest.


We have also written and published a Baja California guide illustrated in colors of over 100 pages that we give to each traveler.


Our operating base in San Jose del Cabo is active all year round.

Bajaescape since 2011 is engaged in Non-profit activities for the benefit of Baja environment and part of our annual income is devolved to protection campaigns.

"Our engine is our passion and

Nature is our most important Partner"

Stefano Frontani

(Founder, Chief Operations Officer and Expedition Leader di Bajaescape)

photo credit: Gaspare Becchina